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Demolition Crew's Rules! Empty Demolition Crew's Rules!

Post  PhaNtom on Sat Dec 29, 2012 9:56 pm


Basic Clan Rules

1. No clan member should ever make fun of or disrespect another clan,clan member or anyone on ac.
2. You must not curse or use bad language to anyone in assault cube.
3. You must not abuse master/administrator position to kick or ban people for no reason.
4. You cannot cheat or impersonate in anyway,shape, or form.(YOU WILL BE KICKED OUT)
5. You must greet any clan member that you see in-game as a sign that we have pride in our clan.
6. You must respect the decisions of the clan leaders.
7. You must not be in any other clan. If you are and we find out about it, you will be kicked out.
8. If you leave DC for another clan or if you get kicked out of DC you may only re-join once depending on your dedication, contributions, attitude, and history. This will be decided on a clan discussion/vote.
9. You must follow these rules in order to be in DC.
10. You must have fun.


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